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The girl in the red velvet swing pauses for a photo.


Despite dark energy, the universe.   Or because.  The design

is explicable, says Hawkings. The older languages reorder


dark and indistinct. The spirit moves over the waters.

Prozac in Britain’s supply.   Not LSD. 


On Masada, they consider.  A body catapults and hits

the fortress wall.  Malnourished women bear daughters.


A Ziegfield girl is 36-26-38. Autism up in Maryland. 

Deceptive primates have larger brains.  Chronic fatigue


is all in the mind.  If you think in English your children

might not.  The borders of the language are never filled in.


Sigmund counsels Dora to relax. Women who believe

they’ll live long give birth to sons.  Human stem


cells adapt faster.  Smaller planets orbit a nearby star.

We’re still alone. 154 Sonnets.


Avian flu in Chinese pigs.  Undetectable HIV. 

Leukemia deaths higher near AM broadcast towers.


A broken glass at a wedding appeases disorder.

Spooky action at a distance, says Einstein.


Troy, a seven acre village.  The oldest letter, O.  

Posted 07/06/14
Previously published in The Notre Dame Review, Issue 22, 2006. The "findings" are from the back page of Harper's, sometime in 2005. It's a formal poem -- the first line rhymes with the last, the 2nd line with the 2nd to the last, and so on.
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WOW! I love how elliptical and polyvocal and wide-reaching this poem is!
07/06/14 9:14am