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[I gave myself to Him–]

I thought it something small.      Everything was.
     Girling from one party to another – I was the prettiest
abbess, my wimple crisply folded, my cocktail habit
               vaccinating me against all thought. Amor vincit omnia
                                                         engraved the length of my thigh,
                                                         my pictures all black-barred.
Yes, I was a yes girl. Yes, I had such fun I can’t
          say I remember. But gradually a heresy took hold –
et tu, Brutal, broke across the horizon
                         like a hand snuffing out the sun.
For all your cruelties, you’re the Him
                         that I write to, letter after letter, requesting
only that you return me to my prior state.
                         Have pity on a girl of Catholic tastes.
I want the same as anyone, just more, and faster.
Make nice, make haste, I say, and never yield.

Posted 02/17/11
Previously published in Pleiades Winter 2009.
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