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in the forest we gather fallen branches

twig texture modeled on the spiraling

                         horns of an African antelope


barefoot birds

crisp deer imported

just for you


these linen flower garlands you can leave up year round

are sustainably harvested        


            the glass pinecones 

reflect your cold climate character


while industrial gears and parts

                                    in her grandfather’s factory

                   create this long winter


tinsel insects

      sleep in in honey hued knots

like a string of gilded stars


it’s great to have a home

            a performance

            a clean looking lined stage

for a few family specimens,

                        the same pretty faces,

                        beads on an abacus


            no need to wait

               we’ll build it

choose a lacquer body choose

                        a mouth blown from mercury

                        your choice of mounting hardware

Posted 03/12/16
This poem is entirely made from language from a West Elm catalogue.
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