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game of telephone

i call him casanova
and in the 90s i call him
rico suave. he hails from
the cold like nova scotia.
listens to 90s alternative:
champagne super nova.
i call him casanova.

i call him sotto voce.
dipping my adam’s apple
like a brush into paint
to draw a dark tapering line
that points at his dick,
down my ridged throat.
i call him. i call him.

i call him when he lets me.
i call him in the middle
of dinner when he
can’t talk at the moment,
when someone is in the room.
when it’s inconvenient
is when i prefer to call.

i call him gonzaga. i
like this concubinical rapport
we got going. it
gives me room
to move up. i must be gonzo.
no. i must be gaga:
radio, goo goo, all-of-the-above.

i call him casanova.
i call him adam.
i call him dark dick paint scotia.
i call him inconvenient.
i call him throat and gaga and gonzaga.
i call him super casanova.

Posted 06/04/10
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I really think this poem is just so. great. I've nothing more to say.
06/08/10 10:46am