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Frying Pan

Last year we saw something, a ring around her eye. At first we did nothing, found some excuse, a watersport. But it grew darker and hurt her more. So we found a man with bookshelves dropped her off, waited, watched the game, when she came back they said she was going somewhere. But Brent always said he always said that’s what that Tourister was for, I said, the one powder blue. That day I learned she had five pairs of pants.

There was a cab waiting for her near the tattoo parlor, I remember that place, who was his name, Joseph? Paint a damn good tattoo. I said, that one day I said I got one was like a dragon on my waist reaching around, I showed him on our honeymoon. Goddamn that kept him hard. I left her suitcase on the steps and fixed some eggs for myself. Goddamn.
Posted 01/30/11
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