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Summer Squash

My name is Jonah and I work for food.
Today and tomorrow
We walk across fertile streets
To pick summer squash.

When you  pick the summer squash,
You must stretch your arm into each "city of emerald" and
Past its "glass thorns."
They will not cut through the skin.
Each gourd must be grasped firmly
And twisted off the plant
Or else the stem will be ruined
And the squash cannot be sold.

Then the cucumbers must be picked.
First comes the waiting.
They must be pregnant as my sister.
You must maneuver past the spikes
And place your thumb on the cord,
Pressing down so as not to cause damage.
In this way must each pickler be picked.

We work every morning of every day.
We work under the sun and
When it rains as well.
And if there is no rain to wash our hands,
There is a sink with soap and chalk,
With instructions in Spanish.
Posted 07/29/11
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