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Cannolies Over the Bridge

Rockingly bursting a chuckingly fizzle
the spirit of spilt the roasting
shorts hanging smoke where everywhere
these less-weeping eyes smother in smiles:
This is the launching of Moisty-Bear,
of the United States of Happilies,
and a tube of careers splurts
in all insanities the Plot-Lies
and the slippety cameo, and lops.
Less tapping crape but more cluing
under prism-planked forte of squiggles
the bay-bulb the connections the increasing
bandoliards by handover moppings
on streets like a candied amber
and shivering succotash for hombres,
but you can feel thy sun’s tray’s orange.
You can steal a crisp of chervil
on blankety-blank orbs on gossamer-pinks
and the looming luckies will all be smoother-braided
as constantly sorbet slows a shimmy;
so if basta is a polyphony pasta or is a bearded
sward of practical poppies, let Somore lips
laugh to teetering the by-way’s ticklish greenies.
And how have you scored, Plopsing Homily?
And how are you, Subtle Violas?
Faders to warblers they love trees,
but the Peerage passes on pears
as not sufficient dividend-reverent.
That’s why the cases of droves of doves
re-ember tisking cheeping-magobbles
where if the glowing of blackbirding
and all spring and morning songs
will not blast along then it’s Sir Luck swerves
the real Beaux Life-Jackets who tarry cerebrally
for the Pomeraded Madonnas looking so serious-
lovely in their cottony serene blue gloves
as a munching monarch on trebling history’s marching bark.
What the importance of being Gordon’s knot
is a pre-school second-best nob-it
that you have not guarded a matter like Mother
by leaving bee at the altar is more Liffey
to totally freeze-drop me in the salver,
or rush rush to the Caramel River
succeeding perpendicular moonbright
and the callings of the eventful Arch-Light.
Poor Fashion be tonight the stripling’s edge;
bluffers are carriage and also come-sprightly Fudge
lapsing and linking and locking at larks,
straight takes the fuzz, straight wickets
tire the buzz, but the darling bees,
oh the darling bees and the sparling clammy Nudge.
Posted 05/29/09
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