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Me, Myself and I

Humility justified my mirth
and then I had ample girth.
I trusted in
Bachiannal sympathies
to derive pieces of trees
for flavoring.
I lost it to a raving
Matterhorn of a mount
that succeeded scout and file-form.
For a while I was idle worm
before I taught capacity
to contagious fools rapaciously
squandering noblesse oblige,
I was a runt and they were siege
of weeds cantilevering
the impregnated territories.
So much for oileries!
Can the castle be cheese
and can my princess spot
a finial fervor to lock
luck into hundreds industries,
can she match that quick?
I am the porter spiraled
altering gracious gates for the hours
of lately sunshine into cates;
please have the priest pray tub-takes
and a bottle of sal volatile
for any queer clone who sneezes,
whose re-entry pleases multiple.
Posted 04/17/12
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