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When Kittens Perturb, and the Forms They Are Kittens

I say insufferable are
the commotions of two cats
when you are sleeping
and yet so darling-playful
with a bumble-rumble
of biz and flicking what gives
energetically the fleeing light
of night-slammers, pally-whammers and pats.

I say insufferable are
the commotions of two cats
but it is not all that
it’s a hat and a bat
out of lick ’emeums rappity-prat.

I say insufferable are
the commotions of two cats
and you can fling ’em and wing ’em
and sling ’em
and you can wriggle ’em to bring ’em
if you’re party to lamb-lap
if you want to squiggle a gap
if you want to be like mustering
tree-sap of a compendium
be-snookered and be-smeckered and be-kempt.

I think they are plenty
insufferable these two cats
except if they be prancing
except if they be lancing
the unconventional piloting kites
of plucks camping all right
yes they are all quite like stuffing
me-me-moozled in Plotsch-Roughing their gambols
their fluffable, cuffed snatchelling
or singing or come-catch-me, come king;
their sniffling snuffling sniggling
come come catch me pleading singing
their nigh-crisps of huffy puffy middle-night
commotions of two cats emotions
split-splat, take-a-lap, nap.
Posted 08/01/09
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