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[Caterpillars dig up]

    for CAConrad


Caterpillars   dig         up
a        parking   garage             today
I             dig  up                          words—
they     need,            they    tell        me

          S   P   A   C   E

any  poem    worth  its

      P   L   A   C   E

As an indolent child
  must drape quilt over
   cushion to enter the cave
through the other side of
  which he or she will emerge,
  a glittering beak’s rise
from a fresh puddle, a thirst
  whose sating is time
    coupled with a warm,
     womb solitude.

As the tractors go
        deeper, sofa-sized
              concrete boulders run
              through with metal rods
              that twist and point
       to every place
          where a child has suspected
that “God” might
Posted 09/07/13
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