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Dream Song Imitation #1 - Synaesthesiac

I am become once the sleep comes on
a sort of color-taster, see, I know no
limit to the potato chip essence drawn
upon a song tonight at a show. So,
so surprised was I to feeling a feeling thus:
“Why’s this happening to us?”

What I meant to say was this:
it hit my brain like a toothy kiss
when the man at the mic split
his mouth and wasted
air on spilling words that hit
my ear with a smelly taste.

No, no, I haven’t made it clear.
It was as if all of Frito Lay
spilled its salt across my nose
hissing, “Eat it, you fucking queer.
Try, for once, to just straight say
what you mean rather than compose!”
Posted 07/20/13
This was the first in a series of 12 imitations of John Berryman's Dream Songs. I had been struggling with feeling completely uninspired for a couple months, and then I tried one of these little darlings. Since then, I have been flooded with inspiration.
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