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Dream Song Imitation #2

Nestled in vestments of an impudent godless
lot, you see, I’m trying to wake.
Everyone’s got some thirst to slake.
Everyone these days has gone lawless,
And too many of us are going for broke—
(going up in smoke)

Radiant was the day we washed ashore
that cool, calm eyes hadn’t seen before.
Lonesome as the girl plying the pole
like naked matched the worth of dollar bills.
Stared blankly, she, her vulva shiny—still,
the smaller heart is part of the larger whole.

She will find her pillow when tonight
she has deboarded the stage, powdered her toes
There’s something to be said for sight
when it lights upon the glow of those
who burn for what comes next, and next,
and what comes after that. Like sex.
Posted 07/20/13
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