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“A glitch of the system”

corporate culpas skirt
what folks must admit,

with warmth, chagrin,
remorse, and wit;

libel to lie,
blame on a ‘glitch’

when likely it lies
on an unpulled switch.

no need to mend
what can be delayed,

the check’s been cashed,
the account’s done paid,

and word being bond
is no longer valid

when Conglom Inc.
crunches quarterly balance.

why reconcile
what’s well denied,

you won’t be repaid
–it’s company time.

on Wall, nothing
is anyone’s fault,

–while dignity, sanity
are under assault.

Posted 01/12/19
ca. 2010? Your standard-issue comment on corporate personhood, this has an unfortunate timeliness/timelessness.
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