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agitation and
are my loop, hormones
should be named for
the emotions they cause,
emulate, or contribute to:
a more honest science
reminding me of
humors, chaucer,
medieval explanations
of forces and destiny:
every difference was
significant, every distinction
a mechanism toward a blessing.

a place
for everything
except my mind,
a magic
for everything
except my soul.
i believe
i have more left to me
than a
conditioned response,
but i
don’t know,
between gut
and eye
i don’t find
the local color,
a laugh
before bed
doesn’t always
conjure a dream,
just a hiccup
in a tour
of catatonia

adults forget,
(to become adults),
that not everything
is quantifiable
and that,
if we wanted to,
we could change
the measures
in an instant,
just like
a shift in weather

you try
explaining to people
that agreement
is something
you feel—
more than
format or
most impatient
people disagree

taking the world literally
should be a medical condition

if not for fiction,
how many of us
would be really alive?

(not all fictions are lies,
but all lies are "fictions")
if one must be technical

all that was needed
to harness the wires
was integration
a flow
a order
imagine that
was all
it took
to start
the next error

technology makes mess more beautiful
but it does not eliminate the mess
–a democracy means the people
choose the form of fascism they want

and the device
becomes the metaphor
for the mind
that created it

we didn’t need the metaphor
but we needed the metaphor
to prove something
to our souls
Posted 07/09/10
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