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doubts & dowries

what does genius have to be afraid of?
history shows, a lot.

it’s the mutable that’s sexy.
the changing that’s sexy.

the knowledge that the photograph
is the whole woman and
not the whole woman,

that she is a statue and
that she is flesh and blood,
and that she is word and symbol
and not-word and not-symbol,
digital and film and reality,
the different grains,
depending on the lens,
different qualities, different definitions,
formats, preferences, presets, templates;

the female, then, is a case
              in optics,

contraposts agitation,
bedtime asymmetrical infuriations–

"name a place where many people
would feel uncomfortable going
without a date."
    um, a funeral?
and i’m becoming my parents in the meantime.

someone else’s lips, the memory
of them, are nicer than yours.
just the memory of them alone!
done up in pixels and lipstick!
achieving a color you can’t get in nature.

purgatory + mediocrity are the same. you
can’t wait to announce this to someone with
perpetually shrugging shoulders and few words.
i’m waiting for lunch with my husband.
and i’m becoming my parents in the meantime.

Posted 08/24/10
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