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everything and its opposite

i wouldn’t want you to get
       too delicate,
but i’ll give you everything
       and its opposite.

i would glut you full of
       every worry and whim,
so you should not miss any
       delight or chagrin.

so that you would not miss
       any possibility,
for earthly tragedy or divine comedy,

this might seem a curse or treat,
depending on the perspective
       you choose to see.

but as i promise you and all
       my lovers,
i deliver nothing less
       than abundance.

i’ll give you all and its inverse
because the universe appointed
       you to make its truce

because you are the agent to
       the galaxies
and, as diplomat, you should know
       its mysteries.

so i’m blessing you with vision
       grand and clear
so that in my arms you’ll
       never need fear.
though much in this world
       seems far from transparent,
we’ve left this plane for
       our own private planet.

Posted 07/17/10
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