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good anon

why don’t you just
disable the part,
switch it off,
the setting that allows
anonymous questions
and then you wouldn’t
have to deal with
all that drama
and imitation?
you do know
that’s a function,
right, that you
can do that?
good anon

i guess
i defeated
myself. foot
sandwich again
for dinner: i so want
to be a hero who sways
want, and yet
do nothing
of the sort.
please return to your regularly scheduled program.
unable to get the game out of the box,
i break the box, which becomes my game.
the breaking, that is.
don’t misinterpret.
it’s game for the sake of game,
not breaking for the sake of breaking.
that girl raising chin above trolls
is closer to janus than i’ll ever be.

Posted 10/06/10
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