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                        on seeing "L007" marked on a new months’ worth of pills

there’s something vaguely greek about them,
perhaps that whole "k"
in the middle of the word thing,
our american sense of being removed from history
isn’t necessarily
a good thing—
our agent may have had his pills rattle in a mission,
have the whole thing given away,
or while seducing yet another sultry maiden
(like any medication would really stop him?)
have an alarm tell him his prescription
was ready for pickup at the 24-hour dispensary.
the gambling, the gadgets, the explosions—
all the signs were there,
and any down times? hidden
between missions,
what veterans call rapid cycling.
all that mania does provide a good source of adrenaline,
the ability to be awake and on for days,
and one would think that MI-6 would want
to bottle that, not suppress it.
was herakles on mood stabilizers?
did truman need a tranquilizer?
bond’s fire came from a steady stream of oxygen
these pills would just try to smother out.

Posted 07/09/10
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