411 Readings

never a slow news day in the empire

there’s always something new to report on.
information has been made mechanized;
then it was made into a machine itself.
beauty is what we say it is,
and we say it is metals of high value
and things that are rare, never common things,
never things in plenty, and never not things at all.
the chief commander doesn’t need a fact checker,
though he has one for appearance purposes.
hold on to your nostalgia now, fetishize your memories,
because any boulevards you loved will be obliterated tomorrow
with efficient temples and tombs, both to commerce.
we never have a shortage of orders to convey,
imperatives to pass on. no scarcity of cautions and bulletins.
we are the empire; we’d never want you to be anything other than enlightened.

Posted 09/16/10
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