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if you step aside to step inside or swing astride you would encounter a curious specimen, devious and repugnant, attractive and repulsive. odd concepts of what’s pristine, odd notions of purity welcome here.
you’ll get betrayal and you’ll get catharsis, but you’ll never get peace.

shouting into the wind, the wind will answer, but not with anything you didn’t supply to it. reflections are not fulfilling: we seek our negative to heighten our positive; salt had to negate itself in order to create the universe. this means: you want comfort to avoid yourself.

the potency can be increased manifold but without a site for cure, no tonic could take root.

you will be ruined but never find wisdom. you will be destroyed and get no consolation for your suffering. searching is not a form of hope. the linguistic equivalent of ennui is aporia.

the muting of the heart is essential to many industries.

flaunt foibles: advertise the liabilities. someone will be intrigued, but few will be faithful. strike, poseur. validation is a pipe dream when society is a line and your love runs in a circle. press one for defensive, press two for underprepared.

Posted 09/16/10
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