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there is no ‘a’ in definitely;
if you said "excuse me" first you wouldn’t have to
say "i’m sorry" after push/passing me;
if you leave two sheets on the roll you may as well change it;
i don’t care if the cap didn’t touch the floor, i don’t want to drink it.
that possession doesn’t need an apostrophe;
that contraction for "it is" could use an apostrophe.
and that period should go inside the quote marks;
and those parentheses should go outside the quote marks.
if you leave the line, i’ll let you back in,
but i’m sure that won’t please the people after me;
if i leave the line, i don’t know if you’ll let me back in,
and i’m sure that would please the people after you.
we’ll thank each other for what was good manners,
before the deed, and not always after.
talk to me in the room that i am in,
and not when i’m speaking to another—that inflicts chagrin.
you say you can’t be my guide,
and expect me to read your mind,
then critique my work as incomplete,
when i barely know what you mean.
Posted 07/09/10
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