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               on the Letterman predicament

we want the one
who makes us laugh
to be a kind
of prophet—
but when they come
to have problems
we just don’t
care to drop it—
we like to persist
+ to prove,
explicate down
to last nerve,
have last laugh
and bitter turn.
"joke’s off us
and onto you."
but yarn-caster
can accept stones—
little fear
of sticks thrown.
but what does
sting the worst
are the names
that always hurt.
no one on earth
is without fault,
but some feel
the right to taunt
and to launch
their moral wars
blind to any
+ all wreckage wrought.
it takes quite
a psychological contortion
to justify + fabricate
a case for extortion,
and though extortee
may be guilty,
it’s a wretched case
that warrants pity—
for abuser
and abused—
if there be god,
he’d be confused.

we of course live
with our own shame
but don’t have fame
and all its games.

i know what it is
to not be believed,
to wear out my welcome
while i’m still in need. to
be cast away
without second thought
and see your efforts
all come to naught.

i know what it is
to be ignored + denied,
+ then be accused
that i hadn’t tried.
+ then be lectured
on why i don’t fit
as though i deserved
morals from a hypocrite.
Posted 07/10/10
c. 2009, when David Letterman was being blackmailed and his infidelity was exposed.
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