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I’m wearing on repeating myself to you,
On your inability to keep up w/ the pace
Of business, the rate of play, the flow
Of traffic. I’m tired of trafficking in the
Business of your excuses, your broken 

Plates & clay pots, your constant stream of 
My bads. Show some backbone, New Amer-
Ican. You have to know how exhausted
Your co-workers & significant others are w/
Your can’ts, drowning in an ocean of your
Inadequacy, your woe-is-me, your everyone-
Is-out-to-get-me bullshit. So what if every-
One’s out to get you? All the more reason to
Keep up your guard, listen careful & clear
Your corners before entering, before singing. 

Posted 06/01/15
This poem is from A NEW AMERICAN FIELD GUIDE and SONG BOOK, coming soon from H_NGM_N Books.
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