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Mohamed Upstairs

The upstairs neighbor,

Mohamed, welcomed me

when I moved into the building.

Maqluba, kabsa, kanafeh.

Mohamed upstairs

in that little apartment

with his pregnant wife

and three young daughters.

Mohamed in the laundry room.

Mohamed fetching his children

home from school.

Mohamed working

the graveyard shift.

Maqluba, kabsa, kanafeh.

Mohamed smoking on the stoop.

Mohamed waiting for spring.

Maqluba, kabsa, kanafeh.

Mohamed upstairs cooking,

and I’ll make a gift

for his new son, a suncatcher

shining with bits of glass,

green, brown, and blue.

Maqluba, kabsa, kanafeh.

My friend, Mohamed,

knocking at the door with food,

teaching me the names of his dishes.

Posted 05/09/17
first published on We All Lived Here
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