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Pacific Northwest Head-Stash Poem

(to be incanted with teary eyes)

Soak me, green me, puddle me in
wool caps and coffee. Spark me in
cold daybreak sunshine, dew me with
mushrooms, wrap me in damp leaves
and winter starlings. Reuse me. Burnside
me, wine me beer me feed me

harvest me, then read me Powell’s.
Serve me a bubbly bottle of Celilo Falls,
grill me some sweet Bonneville sea lion
with a side of Astoria, melt tons of
gooey Tillamook over the top of it all,

garnish with a sprig of Estacada.
Eugene me, Crystal Ballroom me,
Puget Sound and Mt St Helens me.
Gorge me, bigfoot me, Chief Joseph me
before selling me fireworks in Vancouver
which by law are more fun to explode

across the bridge in Portland. Take me
for that rainy ride, each morning and every
night cruising Grand in a different Bhagwan’s
freshly minted, softly waxed Rolls-Royce.

Sing me along the glittering trail,
smell the slippery moss bloom. Hummingbird
thaws, bee sleeps in, staggered moth listens,
frosted banana slug chews, while this ground
percolates and ancient mist again rises.

Posted 04/14/13
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