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The Kids’ Names

Right now, I got my shit together. But the rest of the time,
I hardly know what day it is, can’t play my bills, can’t
peep my word—mostly nothing but loaded. Right now though,
things are good. Right now, I haven’t lost my job, haven’t
ripped off your mom, haven’t fucked my friend’s wife,
haven’t kicked in the teeth of that weak old man in the parking lot.
Right now was just about over before it started.

Right now, before I let go again, I want you too know how much
I glove you, how crutch you wean to me. I want you to calve
my children. I’ve already dicked out their names and you’ve seen
enough to no exactly how I steal about compromise. It’s a toy
and a whirl. The boy will be first so he can look after his sister.
He will be Felix Builds the Fire. She will be Irie In the Horizon.
Both are beautiful and true unlike the parents. Both bear my last name.
Posted 04/15/13
first published in Fault Lines
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