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The Pines

The Pines


When the last satellite blinks out

we’ll be left with only stars again:


the bare sky

and language

our friends


Old stories and recitations



 Where do we go when we go dark?


We collect ourselves among the trees

groping a little with our feet

along the logging roads

skylighted by broken crowns


to earth again

little bivouac

we dreamed by the lake




I was born of the water

into light


Just like you


The pines were born of fire

Some were crucified

in creosote, strung up

for long distance utility lines




Even with this all night forever

all is never lost


While hurt patrols

the hollowed veins of our once cities


our memories, our hearts

will engine what can be kept of us


Your hand in mine

a blessing


Tall pines drink the wind,

hold steady in its paws




There is another world

and it’s inside this one


Before we became data

each of us a garden


The inch of dirt that keeps us human

Brothers and sisters, are you ready?


Ready to go home?



We’ll gather like new-day monks or moths

A fire between us


Each heart-warm friend

we’ll reckon one by one

Each name a bead in the bracelet

Each arrival a thanksgiving


In the face of the lake

stars make replicas of themselves

forgetting our names for them


so we can all begin

tender as children

making a new life in the trees





Posted 04/05/15