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In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree …

These structures were not built to bend through Black Friday.
One frenzied angel topples from a spun tree.
We inevitably speak of fallen stars and a multitude of the heavenly host.
I stood six-years-old reciting the Christmas gospel from memory.
My family hoped I would be a genius.
We had all these desires and thought there were things that would hold.
People put computers in their pockets and go in public looking like the scum of the earth.
Someone wrote a letter once and dropped it in a mailbox.
The day opened right up for that kind of thing.
Maybe I’d like to register for a chafing dish and let my kids kick soccer balls past nightfall.
A generation dreamed a man could walk on the Moon.
I can’t stop wondering if someone actually did but pay for dates, wear my high school ring, and dream my drape dreams.
None of us is Liesl von Trapp.
Posted 12/20/11
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