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Paul Cézanne

kenneled,                                                        brown jumper

                              chased between trees—

the river bit the shore.

                                                                                                    sure I thought of me.


                              collared,                                                       we colored the apple.

figuring figurines

                                             in twos and fighting out

this thing. it’s true                                                            there was no snake

                                             but in the hill

a rolled-down red                                         and the wind around

sang the impetus

                                             I chowed.

hair dirtied

                                                                 and shrouded

                        your crowded face.                                             a rough mystic

                                             borrowing slow.

                                                                                     you pulled me in

didn’t you think?

                                             the river lap kept                                         my cap

as the dog barked or drank.

Posted 05/01/11
This poem was written as an ekphrasis of Paul Cezanne's "The Battle of Love." An image of the painting is available here: http://tinyurl.com/3fjlwt3
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How sweet of you to say! I will.
05/02/11 4:59pm
Dang, I like it! Your work is consistently good. Keep posting!
05/02/11 4:04pm