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Also Included in this Poem is a Real Life Astronaut

You are a High Energy Person who Embraces Challenge and Opportunity

In the play called “The Universe: A Love Story” written by NASA giant Red Kiplinger, She Lost So Much Blood She Needed an Emergency Transfusion plays The Universal while Red plays her husband. She Lost So Much Blood She Needed an Emergency Transfusion also plays Sunita Williams, the first female astronaut of Indian decent not only to have have achieved space travel but also to have run the Boston Marathon in space on a treadmill; joy ripens into a new want. “You tend to be old-fashioned and conservative, and you like to stick to what you know rather than take chances on new ideas or practices,” is her penultimate line in the play, one, she says, that is within beauty as well as the cause of beauty. She Lost So Much Blood She Needed an Emergency Transfusion, born with a rare genetic disorder, lost so much blood she needed an emergency transfusion at the age of -6. She has fragile bones but enjoys the trampoline. In order to fully understand fear, the playwright must not approach the subject directly otherwise the final product will lack authenticity. Think of ‘politics’ or ‘happiness.’ She broke her legs six times in the womb but She Lost So Much Blood She Needed an Emergency Transfusion says playing Sunita was one of the most difficult roles of her life so it must be personal beauty which love worships.

A Deeply Etched Life Line, Free of Breaks or Tassels, Assures a Robust and Fruitful Life

Red: Borders should not determine your life, Sunita. Does the helicopter you fly know whether you are a male or female or for that matter a spacecraft? The bottom line is that a human can do all these things.

Sunita: In space I never had this…this.... feeling of isolation.

Red: But look at the mirror and ask yourself if we are doing enough to save our own planet!

Sunita: I never wanted to ask myself these questions, Red. Are space colonies in the offing? Is the effect of a the indulgence of human affectation a certain cordial exhilaration? I don’t have the magic crystal ball.

Red: Your heroic character gives permanence to human society. Love is omnipresent in nature as motive and reward.

Sunita: I’m going to lose bone and muscle mass. Love is our highest word.

You Aren’t Looking for Glory or Prestige—You’re Content to Work Behind the Scenes

"This is the lonely rotation of a cog, an enervation, Sunita’s last dream before she walks the perimeter of the hexagonal forest. The space shuttle launched without corpse. A samosa flavored dust. The elongation of the hair after death and Red’s love of carrot sticks. Oh his love of our highest word. Muscle rags. This lonely rotation of the ring. A ceiling fan. A rhyming dictionary.”

She Lost So Much Blood She Needed an Emergency Transfusion writes this note to her live-in boyfriend before she leaves her Brooklyn apartment since she doesn’t know if she will return.

The note continues…

“The keys to start the shuttle are locked in a crushed velvet box of bone china buried two feet underground at the exact center of the largest municipality in Greenland where a logger sits and eats an egg sandwich and dreams of retirement. The box of bone china is an heirloom, a marriage present given to my grandfather, a stevedore from a small town called Sunlight. "

Posted 07/28/09
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