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Anecdote of Heat

I set a jar of Peking Duck
off the train in Nashville heat.
I scarcely know if jar is jar
but heat is heat.

I sit in its dominion.
I cannot see.
A flood comes out of the air to me
as if it has always been there.

Crows rock back and forth.
If the band plays in the square today
will the tuba melt
into a sea of spring?
Posted 07/02/09
After Stevens
Comments (2)
The take-off from the Stevens poem is funnier to me today, and I am digging the tone/approach.
09/18/09 2:30pm
Fascinating and intriguing, explores in tricky fashion and asks the reader to think what it's about. The allusion is familiar, and I am not sure whether that familiarity adds to or detracts from the effect.
07/07/09 10:42pm