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New Faith

Money is the only currency,
which is redundant.
Your gun is pressing against
my leg. This is a familiar itemization.
Wallstreet is handing out a million
paper targets. All the books
won’t save you–the guns
have their eyes peeled,
they lay around like grapes
with X-ray vision.
Let’s all buy guns! Owning one
doesn’t mean you have
to shoot someone, just that you
can shoot someone.
It’s good to have options.
The world expresses hopefulness
in the form of birdsong
and celestial necromancy
and options.
I wake up in the morning
unsure of the last thing I purchased.
Love makes me gross and shy
and grandiose. I forget myself
and try to remember.
I want to be your valentine,
just give me something
to believe in first.
Posted 10/05/11
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