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Evidence for a Relocation

Exhibit A
The light at five,
an absence at seven bells,
but laughter in the empty bathroom.

Plus the recent fullness of neighbor’s
above-ground pool and vinyl
lining of a newly
engineered heart.

Exhibit B
Our blown-up bedstead
holding down light with gray surplus paint
and a last-minute set change.

Wherefore the neck twang
that arose in my hover
above the full sink?

You tell: on the roof of this lonely house
a giant crane nests, its long
legs sticky with egg gunk.

Exhibit C
Day-mote spins in sunlight
by the door jamb,

my sudden lyric.
Your panicked blinking–
baying wolf packs in human dress
terrorizing a switchback last all
hallows’ on the nearest shunpike.

Exhibit D
Foreign emblem righted by gravity
while at sea, tell me the west
and east signs of my truly being here–
stretched taut across two consecutive fields,
far betwixt mountain and mountain.

Look down, daughter:
it’s the corn maze in your navel
in lieu of a ring or a cord.
Posted 03/30/11
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