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in perpetuity

The dark road      the woman’s voice on the radio       strumming us toward unneeded sleep       Trees skimming windows        you note warm houses astride the shoulder. Car heater a little early in the year           green field

No-fault         wholly undergiven of sun         still the red wheat        still black-eyed susans siding       one dead opossum marking. Hold your finger here           I will tie a bow about it

Your fingernail slips from beneath the ribbon          you blow on it for warmth. Recall times of promise [plenty-light]           times of dearth [fewer fires]        Forever green dust coating glass         windshields windows water pitchers         left on the porch

Spread thin beneath        beneath        Beneath a russet sky         you told me we’d always be located somewhere        Here on the plain         forever verging. Now we are verged         finality here       Your hands no longer empty.        You are no person       but a quality of light

Taking the wrist of the one       I follow drag you toward green       show you purple         Taking the risk of want          You keep throwing your chin at the shoulder      like a mongoloid.       showing me nothing I say there’s no sun there        You pull me close to the ground        with a paw shut my eyelids for me      and we are waiting.        waiting in perpetuity of dusk       for some familiar earth to spin
Posted 11/10/09
This has a lot to do with Dutchess Co., NY.
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