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Because I wanted to touch

the thing lasting, the river

under your eyes and mine,

we had a child. Another

miracle, its beauty and power

hovering always at the edges.

So much time in between

me and magnificence. So much

in the flesh to be attended to:

red face of a baby that’s mine,

red leaves littering the road.

Push it all aside to survive.

The fall of a republic we forgot

to cherish. Perhaps the end,

greeted with a fatigued shrug.

All we can muster.

Where is the space

where I can feel the stars,

the planets in their fury

mocking our littleness?

Earth going round and round

again, monotonous orbit

no better than any other.

But I have no time today

to be crushed by the treasure

that is my insignificance.

Posted 11/06/19
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