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Trees shift around, fidgeting light.

Wing to wing to wing, everything bereft of rest.

Out of the quivering corner of my world,

out of the corner of my eye, you.

Your frequency calling on mine,

hum between our minds calling me out.

You always turn up, I always turn out

to be the one you’re sewn in, sworn in

as your greatest witness. I see you everywhere

you are, psychic bind crossing our covenants.

Crossing the parking lot toward me,

everything known to me: your gait,

your frame, framed again by my notice.

Shadows catch your face as the air shakes.

How many times will I have to act surprised?

I’m caught by myself, my exterior calm no match

for habits of mind. The trap I made, the trap I love.

Posted 07/15/19
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