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I return to the grass, its habit

of hissing at me. My flowers fall open

before the land. My invisible turbulence resounds.

A mean wind takes up again—how does it know?

I carry you with me (in my heart),

warm all the ways I wind with you in mind.

Trees shake, jays gossip. I attempt the hill.

Winded, I attempt beyond myself

to a new woman. Evergreen, reaching every needle

out to immerse the world, feel every mote encompass.

Everything you send through me.

I see your eyes again—instant sea and sorrow-bearing birds

upon it, thrilling ships cascading through currents.

You give it all to me. There’s no new way to say it:

You heat me, have me, keep me in mind.

We forget so much: the molten core, insects turning the earth

underfoot, thin pop of stone fruit as the skin breaks,

flesh rushing forward, bringing pleasure to your lips.

Posted 08/13/18
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