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Let’s try to explain how this terrible thing could have happened

I stare it down
The deep-sea creature
Its lolling eye teasing me in the dark
A creature of the deep
Feeding on dazzle
Its glowing light, a fix for prey

But I know this eye
I have carried this eye
Through many cities
Through many years
Through tears I’ve cried
The eye has appeared
Floating in my blackest mind
Floating in yours
Who knows
What lurks in you

Man knows not himself
His evil lies there
A thing crawls up his throat
And falls out of his mouth
All over his loved ones
An octopus, suffocating you
The center of its body
Sealing over your mouth
You are not breathing
You cannot breathe

Questions jut out unexpectedly
A pattern of pegs
You might climb
You might try to scale the face of a man
You might get close enough
To touch the thing inside him
Posted 03/12/13
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