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I am sitting on the shore again and the wind is severe

The bottom of the bay wafts up in my face

In my face there is a sandwich but I liked it better when it was you

The wind inside of me is severe

I carry a normal pain with me through the noon

Where is my relief and why won’t I want it

I imagine whales wrapping themselves in seaweed

Then crying their hollow whale-songs

I am full of air like a slow-growing cave

The roof dripping into stalactites far from the water’s source

What song falls in this false place

The bench is warm but you have not done your job warming it

You did not come to meet me when I didn’t ask

I am tired of saying the grass shivers but it does

I am supposed to be in love with someone else and I am

Pelican poke your face into that headwind

There are countries sinking 21st century ships and this is severe

But who cares whether a catastrophe’s public or not

I came here privately to have my hair tossed again by a harder lover

And think about the cave you made with your mouth over my breasts

I think about how you filled them with whale-songs or bones

I don’t know what we were thinking but I want to think it again

Thinking about this grows difficult and the wind takes up a notch

Lofting the seawinds back toward heaven as if nothing in the world wants
Posted 06/07/11
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