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Flexible architecture of belonging           to someone

    we disinter ourselves                as the moon

                         what does the moon do

    improbable sequins where illusion reigns

                       my body is BOOMING

the main ability of a nude is how her body triumphs

           when earth rehearses her irrelevance

how the city people warned me against

                                                               flung its taut-heart for me

    flexed its dim-horizon

the painter tangles

feeling’s color as it brims from pores

you got to give it to shadows, muddy without relief

these odd-blinking-limbs                       stymied-drunken-glee

I haul my typical, tapered holes to
                                                           our little convent,

                                                           housing the form of
Posted 01/10/12
published in issue 040 of The Offending Adam http://theoffendingadam.com/2010/11/01/third-nude-nude-at-dusk-left-nude/
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