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Adam Baldwin in Conversation with Nick Searcy

{NB: The following is a remix transcript of sentences authored and then tweeted by actors Adam Baldwin (“Firefly,” Fox Network) and Nick Searcy (“Justified,” FX) on February 22-23, 2014. In rare instances, sentences were broken down to their constituent words.}

Adam Baldwin (Firefly): What’s wrong with a father marrying his son for love, and to avoid tax penalties?

Nick Searcy (Justified): Check your local history. It’s what leftists do to silence opposition.

AB: So government should dictate terms of marriage after all?

NS: Who worries what a lying tub of lard like you thinks? Whiny fat ass! Sweaty fat ass! You leer at others’ dinners if they ever screw up and eat near you.

AB: I don’t argue with liars. Why do you assert lies?

NS: Does anybody on Earth know who you are?

AB: Troll! 

NS: I can’t be responsible for how fucking ignorant you are. 

AB: Tattletale!

NS: Im not tweeting employers trying to get you fired.

AB: It’s disgusting how you lie, you intolerant troll.

NS: The only one hot and bothered is you, fat ass. 

AB: You’re just another troll.

NS: Oh, I don’t know, tubby. Apparently you think the true measure of a man’s worth is his waist size.

AB: You’re not a bully, you’re a liar.

NS: Collectivists like you crave a strong central authority regulating outcomes. To the left, success is evil. You should suck from the the Statist teat, instead! And if you don’t, you’re a racist! Race is all a racist like you has to work from. Because you’re a racist. You know what they say about those fat-ass losers who can’t buy much of anything: everyone sees what a gutless anonymous Internet pussy you all are. Meanwhile, Im not hurting for work, you little scumbag, am I?

AB: Asked and answered, troll.

NS: You’re obviously very comfortable being a pudgy, fat, ass-kissing Statist tattling on people who disagree with you.

AB: You should seek professional counseling.

NS: I don’t take advice from failures like you. Keep on losing! At least you realize you’re a nobody, and I’m a somebody. I strived and I succeeded. You didn’t—or couldn’t. You stopped because I humiliated your stupid racist ass. Come back anytime for another ass-kicking, racist.

AB: Get lost, bitch.

NS: I make my living having people film me, and they pay me a lot of money for it. Why don’t you tattle on me to them after you finish that bag of Doritos? I’ll keep on being paid for my acting and raising my wonderful family in spite of my “issues”!

AB: You’re projecting your incest on me.

NS: Not sad for me, loser. Youll never live this well. You should see my house! I’m visible, as opposed to invisible like you, loser.

AB: Troll!

NS: You’re pudgy.

AB: Liar! Liar!

NS: You realize your whining doesn’t hurt me, no matter how you wish it did, don’t you, non-impact player? Ass-kisser? You don’t know anyone that I would deign to speak to. (I love how “tolerant” liberals always go for the homophobic jokes.) Does it make you feel like a big strong man to kiss ass in the “Democrat Centipede”?

{http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Human_Centipede_(First_Sequence) ed.}

AB: Of course, you like the death tax because you like government to trample individual liberty.

NS: And Democrats want to eat shit in “the Centipede”!

AB: You keep comparing same-sex marriage to incest! This is hatred, by virtually every definition of the word.

NS: You’re so sweet and caring. Eating pizza, Doritos, ice cream—binge eating—for comfort, fat-ass?

AB: …

NS: Issues? No issues, fat-ass. My actual visage shows I don’t have them. Because—

AB: Liar.

NS: My butt’s presence on your television every fucking day would show otherwise, loser.

AB: Troll.

Tim Peacock (blogger): Using your same logic, couldn’t a father just marry his daughter under current law for the same reasons? Hmm?

AB: You’re too stupid to follow this, idiot.

NS: Your boyfriend?

AB: …

NS: Write me again sometime! My new segment/episode of Justified hits the air next Tuesday.

TP: Idiot.

NS: No, actually. Human.

AB: …

TP: …

NS: Actually, the Los Angeles Times.

Posted 02/23/14
Source: http://www.peacock-panache.com/2014/02/adam-baldwin-and-nick-searcys-anti-gay.html.
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