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Baby (Justin Bieber Remix)

You love me, you know. (I know.)

Just shout, “Oh, my heart!”
and I’ll be there in three.

(Whenever we’re apart, you never
cross my love—ever.) 

You care 
who you are 

and will ever be—

a girl.


Item: We’re broke. I’m just saying.


We look like we’re friends, playing
for the first time. Right?

Are you my first love? My eyes,
my heart? What are you? 
(Another secret? And theres
a thought!)

Oh no! Baby, be like you always
would! (Mine!)


“We’re not together—I just can’t believe it!”

“Cool down!”

“Ring me!”

“Oh, baby—I just cant.”

“Whatever! I would’ve done it for you!”

“I believe you!”

“I’m in pieces. I’m just—shaking.”

“You want to play me. I’m going!”

“My first love—”

(A bad dream—)

“—fix me!”

(—and I buy anything, I lose.)

“Round and down…”

“But you’ll wake!”

“From this?”

“You will.”

“Will not!”



Bucks skipping. (Crazy!)

Above, a star. (I’m dazed!)

The stars: an amazing playground. (Oh, my heart!)

I was struck at school. (I loved nobody!)

I was thirteen, breaking my heart daily. (Don’t need nobody!)

In the street, on the weekend, my heart pounding,
I see her.

And it woke me up. Made me see 
that I really want her.

She compared us. (My first beat-down.)
She had me going, “Baby, come on!” (She knows she got butt.)

And now, because she was ever between

1. “Say she came to…”; and 
2. “Just keep on!”

I’ve made my bed.

There was—when I could—no “Had to!” or “Now is now!”




I am—


all gone.

Posted 12/02/13
Statement of Concept: The above is a stanza-by-stanza remix of the song "Baby," the opening track on Justin Bieber's 2010 album, "My World 2.0." One aim of the project was to reconstitute, through creative reconfiguration, a pop-cultural tract that in its original configuration did not penetrate as deeply into its subject matter as it might have. The song's original twelve-stanza lyric configuration can be found here: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/justinbieber/baby.html. Identical stanzas (e.g., choruses) were not repeated for this poem.
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