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Chevrolet TV Commercial: “Chevrolet Films: First Impressions”

{bolded text appears in final cut, see Chevrolet TV Commercial, ‘Chevrolet Films: First … - iSpot.tv}

Chevy Representative #1: What do you think?

Woman #1: When I first sit in the seat, it makes me think of a BMW. I have an ex who drove a BMW, and this is nicer than that. But—it definitely reminds me of that car. Very nice, very comfortable.

Woman #2: I feel like I’m in a Lexus. This is an amazing interior.


Woman #3: You would think that this is a brand new Audi. I mean, I don’t think it’s an Audi, it feels American-made. Because…this. This part here, the what do you call it, the dongle [laughing] obviously not. But I’ve only seen that in American cars. I mean I’ve test-driven an Audi and the interior was similar. Except for that. Like, not that part.

Woman #4: I’m sorry. I’d like to get out. Yes—

Chevy Representative #1: Oh, of course—

Woman #4: Excuse me. Thank you.

Chevy Representative: I’m sorry if—

Woman #4: No, no, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s a very pretty interior—car. And I know what it is. It’s a Chevy. My son—

Chevy Representative #1: Oh, he has one?

Woman #4: He—did have one. It doesn’t matter. It’s not what you’re looking for.

Chevy Representative #1: No, please! I didn’t mean to—

Woman #4: Oh, of course. You didn’t do anything. All of you are very nice. And you know—oh my. It’s silly, really. My son—he’s—he’s late. My late son. He died a number of years ago. He—

Chevy Representative #1: I’m so sorry!

Woman #4: No! Thank you. No. No. It’s a nice car. He just—so he—well, he died in a Chevy. He was—well, I guess it doesn’t matter. He was drinking. And I went in there and—

Chevy Representative #1: Oh, my god, I totally—

Woman #4: —remembered what it was. But not the same car. I mean this was years and years ago. But I know the inside of a Chevy. So it’s not fair to—

Chevy Representative #1: Oh, please, you don’t have to—

Woman #4: —okay—

Chevy Representative #1: —honestly—

Woman #4: Okay. Well, I feel silly. You’ve been very nice. But of course I sat right down and knew it was a Chevy.

Chevy Representative #1: Of course, I totally understand. And obviously we—we’re not using this. We wouldn’t—I’m really sorry. Maybe we should—

Woman #4: Yes. If you don’t mind.

Chevy Representative #1 [to Chevy Representative #2]: Can you? Thanks. [To Woman #4]: I’m really sorry—

Woman #4: Oh!

Chevy Representative #1: We have—

Woman #4: Right! Well. The funny thing about it is, he always bought Chevys. I remember he said to me once, something like, like, “Mom, in a Chevy you can feel the, the love, when it was made, how much it means to everyone.” I never forgot that. You know, he said, all the people who do the work, hard-working people, working on, I guess, well, an assembly line? But—oh my. And so when [inaudible, receding]…

Chevy Representative #1 [laughing]: Of course [inaudible, receding]…

Woman #5: It’s like a luxury car! Like a high-end Ford. Well, not Ford. But don’t they make a luxury car? Doesn’t matter, I just mean, this is nice. If you guys aren’t Ford, I’m really—

Chevy Representative #2 [laughing]: No worries, no worries!

Man #1: I think it feels…kind of like an Infinti. Or…whatever the one Toyota makes is. Are you Toyota?

Chevy Representative #2 [laughing]: Well, you know, I can’t.

Man #1: Right, of course. Tried to fool you there! [To Woman #5]: Is it Toyota?

Woman #5: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Man #1: Oh, you do! I know we’ve talked about this. One of the big car companies, I want to say a Japanese one, makes this car that’s a luxury car. But it uses their normal chassis. It’s Toyota. It has to be Toyota. And—I’m not saying the normal car is shit. Excuse me. I’m not saying it’s bad. But suddenly you slap a new name on it and everyone’s like, like, get me that car! I thought maybe he would slip and say “Toyota.”

Chevy Representative #2 [laughing]: Good try, though!

Woman #6: Very similar to a Range Rover.

Man #2: This is pretty high tech—

Woman #6: Yeah, it is.

Man #2: These, these—the buttons. All—like, I haven’t seen buttons here in a car. What the hell do these do? So many buttons. Like this makes me feel old. [Laughs.]

Woman #2: It reminds me of the Mercedes.


Man #3: This is Chevy? Wow.

Woman #7 [laughing]: I heard you guys talking, so I knew it was Chevy, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! [Laughing.] Breach of contract!

Woman #8: I have a new appreciation for Chevy. They thought about me. There are so many features in this car where it’s like, how do they know? Like, I wanted this here, and you put it here. I always thought, you know, with the seats, being able to do this? And here you can. You can do that. Totally sold on this.

Man #4: They totally rocked this. Great fucking car. Oh.

Man #5: So this feels pretty boss. Oh, like, but don’t use that. I don’t normally say “boss.”

Woman #9 [laughing]: He doesn’t! Oh, maybe one time, but really! He doesn’t say that. [To Man #5]: Who says that? What?

Man #5: Just came out. Just came out. I like the car, what can I say? I like the car.

Woman #9: I like—well, it’s okay. It’s an okay car, but I don’t think I’d buy it. I’m not being insulting, it’s fine, it just isn’t something I would buy. But that’s me. That’s me. I—you know, that’s me. But [to Man #5] dude, “boss”?

Man #5: Definitely not using us now! [Laughing.]

Woman #9: It looks pretty dope, though. Not right for me but I’m not complaining about the look. Great.

Man #6: Not surprised. I mean, not being a jerk. But I don’t love Chevys and I sat down and honestly what I thought was, Chevy. Chevy.

Man #7: You have all these people here, and they seem to like the car a lot. So you’re happy, I suppose! [Laughing.] That’s pretty cool.

Woman #10: This is the jam.

Man #8: Pretty bomb, dude. Pretty bomb.

Woman (unidentified voice): Maybe I will go Chevy.

Man (unidentified voice): [To unidentified group member]: Well, I didn’t know! I was just sitting outside, on, on Tranter Street, eating from my, whatever, and this guys says, “Want to be in a commercial? Because we’re just, you know, a block or two down from here…” And I was like, ”Definitely.”


duration: 30s


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Posted 09/13/15
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