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II. Strangers

Seth Abramson, your days of abuse and self-revision are over. In case you forgot, Seth Abramson is a scumbag who tries to profit from and threaten poets with his Harvard lawyering. We're watching Seth Abramson's public implosion with a mix of pity and what the fuck. Seth Abramson's attempts to shame and silence others by calling them crazy tell you everything you need to know about his other thoughts. I swear to God, we all just have to ignore Seth Abramson. It's what Seth Abramson does: Freak out online and then erase the evidence. Seth Abramson is like Walter White and Stuart Smalley joining forces to save poetry from poets. I wonder if Seth Abramson makes love as delicately as he tweets? Hell, at this point you might as well unfollow Seth Abramson. Seth Abramson is jealous he can't rock a beard and his opinions mean nothing: hash-tag fuck you. Seth Abramson is bullshit. Montana is awesome, Seth Abramson is not. Why is Seth Abramson a bitch? Let me count the ways. Only a little bitch would have a picture of Keanu Reeves on his blog instead of himself. Only a little bitch would wear this scarf. Seth wants to be one of the cool kids, so he sucks up to the avant-garde. The reason Seth Abramson does not allow anonymous comments is because he's not actually interested in the truth from strangers. Seth Abramson is utterly delusional and has no clue what he's talking about. Seth Abramson has an irrational and completely unprofessional savior complex. Seth Abramson and his ongoing lack of professionalism are pathetic. If I ever see Seth Abramson, I'm going to punch him in the face. Seth Abramson is a back-scratcher. Seth Abramson is a humorless tight-ass. Seth Abramson is a loose cannon, not someone I'd want to ask for advice about anything. Only Robert Olen Butler is more passive aggressive than Seth Abramson. Seth Abramson is a vortex of bullshit. Seth Abramson is a little limp-dick fuck who gets excited at the keyboard. Seth Abramson is an asshole; I hope he drops dead in a pool of his own filthy spooge. Seth Abramson's got me so excited I'm typing with abandon, frothing at the fingertips for another one of his run-on sentences heavy with subclauses and those obnoxious parentheticals he throws in like so many peppercorns in a too-tossed salad. Seth Abramson is a stodgy fucking prick who used to get beat by his ex-girlfriend. Seth Abramson is the L. Ron Hubbard of poetry. Seth Abramson is a pompous blowhard. Seth Abramson has an ego that would make Kanye West embarrassed. Seth Abramson should have been spanked as a child. Seth Abramson is a snake-oil salesman. Seth Abramson is aggressively desperate and it's hilarious. Seth Abramson has no integrity. The verbose Seth Abramson would make a great politician. An article by Seth Abramson on MFA programs can only be and only is a long infomercial for Seth Abramson. I think it's okay to write rape porn about Seth Abramson because that guy begs for it. I wonder if critics of Seth Abramson have gone too far? Is there some level of respect being passed over, involving Seth Abramson's sexual habits being played out publicly? I quote: Seth Abramson grabbed her. Threw her to the ground. Pulled off her pants. Ripped off her panties. Mounted her. Seth Abramson's young pink balls rubbed painfully against her hairy twat. O Lord, he thought. O Lord. O Lord. And finally Seth Abramson collapsed in a young boy's cumless climax. She pressed charges. Seth Abramson was arrested. But when they examined her they found no traces of semen or forced entry. And when they examined Seth Abramson it all made sense: he had a house-mouse cock. End-quote. I want to throw up all over Seth Abramson. Seth Abramson misrepresents himself. Seth Abramson is sketchy. Seth Abramson is tawdry and sad. Seth Abramson is a scam artist. Seth Abramson stopped all conversation and made it into a money thing. Seth Abramson said he wouldn't help anyone unless they paid him. Seth Abramson is a blatant self-promoter. Seth Abramson is a coward. Seth Abramson is a sniveling, insecure little weasel. Seth Abramson reminds me of a female circumcisionist, a warmonger, or a heroin salesman. Seth Abramson runs a racket. I really hope this ruins Seth Abramson's career. I guarantee Seth Abramson threatened to sue that guy. Seth Abramson is a lecherous blight. I'm disgusted by Seth Abramson. Seth Abramson is a shark. For Seth Abramson to call himself a poet as a way to conjure nobility and condone reckless pathology without action is cowardice. Seth Abramson will have no career. Seth Abramson targeted specific poets to call them crazy, insane, or drug addicts. I will publicly invoke a petition to remove Seth Abramson's book from his press's list if he doesn't apologize, not that any apology he made would be sincere. Our narrow community has somehow allowed Seth Abramson to invade it. Seth Abramson is a sewer-dweller. Seth Abramson should know we have poets in our community who follow through with their threats of assault. Seth Abramson shakes epithets around where his genitals should be. Seth Abramson should grow a pair. Seth Abramson makes people anxious, then profits from that anxiety. Seth Abramson is a soggy self-promotional shitstorm. Seth Abramson dupes people. Seth Abramson is reprehensible. Seth Abramson shuts people down and dismisses them if they have a contrary opinion. Seth Abramson is evil. Seth Abramson is pure greed. Seth Abramson is corrupt. Seth Abramson has donned a kick me sign. Seth Abramson is a crank. Seth Abramson's research methods are utterly bogus. Even a cursory glance at Seth Abramson's blog reveals how many extreme biases he has. Seth Abramson's work is partial, capricious, and undertaken by someone with no real qualifications. Seth Abramson's research is shabby and his results faulty. Seth Abramson's methods are ridiculously inadequate. Seth Abramson's comments are inappropriate and defamatory. Seth Abramson is a hijacker; he shouts down everyone else in the room. Seth Abramson has a bias against everyone who disagrees with him. Seth Abramson has a direct financial incentive for skewing his research. Seth Abramson's work is junk. Seth Abramson's research and writing are shoddy. Seth Abramson is obviously very dishonest. Seth Abramson's work is ridiculous. Every person I know who has ever interacted with Seth Abramson believes him to be dishonest. Bend Seth Abramson under you, God. Face down, God. And make him bleed, God. I've never seen anyone but Seth Abramson defend his work. Seth Abramson's work is borderline absurd. Seth Abramson's work is silly and problematic. Seth Abramson's work is stupid. Seth Abramson's work is dangerous. Seth Abramson takes advantage of naive 22 year-olds. People insult Seth Abramson like it's going out of style. Seth Abramson has a propensity for making enemies, and making very attorneyesque arguments online simply tosses gas on the flames. For a second, I thought Seth Abramson was the guy from Knocked Up. Hatred of Seth Abramson is an amazing sideshow. There is a lot of Seth Abramson hatred out there. Seth Abramson has a massive reputation management problem. Seth Abramson is being publicly shamed. Seth Abramson is a scam artist. Seth Abramson is like Notorious B.I.G.; don't let his Harry Potter outfit fool you. I think Seth Abramson's a little unsure of himself. Seth Abramson wrote about how we're all apparently idiots in The Huffington Post. Seth Abramson is tone-deaf and self-serving. Seth Abramson gives off an aura of childishness and desperation. Seth Abramson is a blustering nerd, feverishly pushing his duct-taped glasses upward on his nose with his left forefinger. Seth Abramson offends me. Seth Abramson is a show-off. Writers, a group to which Seth Abramson doesn't belong, don't really care what a failed attorney in a sweater has to say to his webcam and are unaware of his existence. Seth Abramson is malicious. Seth Abramson is deceptive and malicious. Seth Abramson is a mismanager. Seth Abramson is quicksand. Seth Abramson is really sickening. Seth Abramson needs to go to the mall and buy something cashmere, maybe merino wool, because Seth Abramson is too old for a hoodie. Seth Abramson's blog is a pitiful piece of work. Seth Abramson is embarrassing. I just received a backchannel email reporting that Seth Abramson is finally getting laid. Seth Abramson feels authority and entitlement coursing through his veins. Seth Abramson is evil. Seth Abramson is unethical. Seth Abramson's criticism is full of factual errors, assumptions, straw men, and backtracking. Seth Abramson's criticism is long-winded and bogged-down. I could rip Seth Abramson's criticism to shreds; it's glaringly false. I unfriended Seth Abramson because I was tired of seeing him bully people. Seth Abramson choked on his own bile and died. I removed my posts; Seth Abramson's not worth my time. Seth Abramson is a fucking douchebag. Seth Abramson is obsessive. Seth Abramson is an ass. Seth Abramson is really rotten. Seth Abramson can't understand the idea that in the end he is a suck poet and a suck mind. Seth Abramson's research is an absurd blemish on otherwise fine work being done for this community. Seth Abramson is biased. I won't read any of Seth Abramson's responses unless a friend tells me I ought to. Seth Abramson is rude and unfair. Lots of people in the poetry world hate Seth Abramson. Seth Abramson takes a business-like approach to poetry. Seth Abramson behaves like a lawyer amidst a gaggle of poets. Seth Abramson is all about poetry as a growth market. Seth Abramson is a whiner. Seth Abramson is a bit childish. Seth Abramson likes to rant. Seth Abramson is short-sighted and has a narrow sensibility. Seth Abramson attacks other poets. Seth Abramson has astonishing verbal diarrhea. Posterity won't even say, "Seth Abramson who?" Seth Abramson isn't worthy of licking the shit off Derek Walcott's shoes. I've never seen such an absence of humility as I see in Seth Abramson. I've seen Seth Abramson's poetry, and he should give up. I have never encountered outside mental health clinics or hospitals a delusional personality to match Seth Abramson's. There is not the slightest trace of genuine fire in anything Seth Abramson writes. Seth Abramson has absolutely no hope of even emulating real artists. In the future Seth Abramson will not even rate a footnote. It's going to take me all of a half-hour to forget Seth Abramson. Seth Abramson is a puritanical self-righteous little cocksucker. Seth Abramson is mean-spirited and envious. Seth Abramson is disrespectful beyond belief. Seth Abramson refuses to have an inner life. Seth Abramson hides behind a wall of anonymity. Seth Abramson is contemptible. Until Seth Abramson becomes a public figure he will never understand the collective hurt blogs cause. Seth Abramson's psychology is spooky. Seth Abramson is a finely-trained entity who capably resists introspection. Seth Abramson participates in evil. Seth Abramson's skull is made of lead. Seth Abramson does not know who the fuck he is speaking to. Seth Abramson is a pimp. Seth Abramson is a smiling cocksucker of a lawyer. Seth Abramson dilutes and desecrates the art of poetry. Seth Abramson is a nineteenth-century fop. Seth Abramson is a little boy. Seth Abramson is a self-serving score-settler. Seth Abramson is not a poet. Seth Abramson is congratulating himself, and it's angering me. If Seth Abramson doesn't fuck off out of my life, I will go fuck him up. Seth Abramson is a nitwit. I don't know who Seth Abramson is, but he's pissed. Seth Abramson is pedantic. I'm not reading any of Seth Abramson's little messages anymore. Seth Abramson is a twit. Seth Abramson is a douche. Seth Abramson is insufferable. I read more by the time I was eighteen than Seth Abramson will ever read in his life. Seth Abramson is a fucking clown. I will never read another word Seth Abramson writes. Seth Abramson is deluded, but I see him for what he is. I feel nothing but contempt for Seth Abramson. Seth Abramson is a fool. Seth Abramson is a tenth-rater. Seth Abramson has dumbed down, thinned out, and cheapened the very term poet. Seth Abramson helps fill the nation with a fog of mediocrity. Seth Abramson has only his grotesquely delusional self-importance. The poets of the past Seth Abramson reveres would scarcely even know how to laugh at him. The poets of the past Seth Abramson reveres would shrug and turn away from him in embarrassment. Seth Abramson is a sadist. Seth Abramson is spineless. Seth Abramson is a pathetic pussy. Seth Abramson leads a completely unexamined life. Seth Abramson is an unknown crank writing bad, unknown poetry. Seth Abramson has created the most unethical entity in poetry. Seth Abramson is a self-serving tool. Seth Abramson could really use an editor. Seth Abramson will sink like a stone. Seth Abramson is really tacky. Seth Abramson is a punk subdoormat writer. Seth Abramson is a careerist, opportunistic donkey-fucker. Seth Abramson's obvious intent is to establish and promote himself. Seth Abramson pisses me off. Seth Abramson is a little fuck. Seth Abramson is in a clinical state of delusion regarding his position as a quote-unquote poet. Seth Abramson is unprofessional. Please stop legitimating Seth Abramson's preposterous internet fetish. You shouldn't listen to Seth Abramson. Seth Abramson's logorrhea is well-documented. Seth Abramson is insecure. Seth Abramson is the most condescending man I've ever met. Seth Abramson is just randomly hostile and passive-aggressive. Seth Abramson is nonsense. Seth Abramson is myopic. Seth Abramson is a bully. Seth Abramson's credibility is in question. Seth Abramson is a troll. Seth Abramson has a bizarre, self-aggrandizing agenda. Seth Abramson is disgusting. I've heard stories about Seth Abramson's sex life. Sometimes the only things more depressing than critics slagging off poetry are Seth Abramson's defenses of what poets are up to. Seth Abramson is a bore. Excuse us while we laugh at Seth Abramson's latest piffle. Seth Abramson is crazy. Seth Abramson is ambitious about trying to come up with a way to pretend that what he and his peers do is interesting. Seth Abramson is a freakish asshole. Seth Abramson is pitiful. Seth Abramson is a grandstander. Seth Abramson is petty and disgusting. Seth Abramson is a little fucking worm. Seth Abramson has a lot of anger. Seth Abramson values rational debate only so long as no one calls him on his shit. Seth Abramson is such a coward, it's incredible. Seth Abramson has no compassion. Seth Abramson has no friends. Seth Abramson throws tantrums like the child he is. It's your right to hate Seth Abramson, by God. I have one little request for Seth Abramson: Do not address me as though you know me; do not ever, to me, or to anyone else, behave as if you have a right to speak to me in a personal manner. Seth Abramson is a little cocksucker. I find the hatred for Seth Abramson fascinating. It speaks to my heart.

Posted 09/06/13
This poem is comprised of 275 statements made by individuals the author has not met.
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