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I think Molly is very New York.
But then I think Molly is very Los Angeles also.
Or a driving game for the PS4, which is very New York.
But there are also a few games for XBox One that are very Los Angeles.
Doritos are very New York.
And so are the Yankees.
But then the New York Mets seem very Los Angeles these days.
While Cheetos are very Los Angeles.
Low-fat Cheetos are very New York!
Traffic is very Los Angeles.
Rolling is very Los Angeles.
Art galleries with staff that are kind of short are very Los Angeles.
But you do see short people in New York also.
You see also Ducatis, which are very New York.
But leaving one in a place where you can’t park is very Los Angeles.
Parking generally is very New York.
Though it’s very Los Angeles to complain about parking.
Post-internet is very New York.
Post-internet is very Los Angeles.
Well, I think online post-internet work is very New York, though.
I agree, but print-oriented post-internet websites are very Los Angeles.
Smog is very Los Angeles.
Still, I think weather is very New York.
And long lines are very Los Angeles.
Do you see long lines more in Los Angeles? I see more in New York.
People are always hassling you in New York.
But generally hassling is very Los Angeles.
Temptation is very Los Angeles.
Cheating on your girlfriends is very New York.
But cheating on your ex-girlfriends is very Los Angeles.
Commerce is definitely very New York.
But NYPD is very Los Angeles sometimes.
Wall Street is a very New York development.
Wall Street recently, sure.
Rodeo Drive is more New York than Los Angeles ironically.
Well, Los Angeles is what I think of when you say “West Side.”
Alt-lit is very New York.
And New York is what I think of when you say “East Side.”
Los Angeles is very “East.”
New York is very “East.”
When I think of the South it seems very Los Angeles.
USC is definitely very Los Angeles.
But then North, like Eagle Rock, by Occidental, is very Los Angeles also.
Do you mean Eagle Rock at Yosemite Drive, or Colorado Boulevard?
Oh, Colorado seems very Los Angeles to me.
Eagles seem very Los Angeles also BTW.
York Boulevard in Eagle Rock is very New York, ironically!
The house parties there are very New York.
House parties are very New York.
House parties are very Los Angeles, if you think about it.
I love Los Angeles house parties.
I do too, but love is very New York, if you think about it.
No, love is very New York.
I just said that!
Oh, love is very Los Angeles after a light rain.
What kind of love are we talking about here? New York? Los Angeles?
It’s very complicated.
No, just depends on where you are.

Posted 01/02/15
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