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My Internet

Draw the tech world.  

Freedom? Anarchy? Panic? Angels? Secret horrors? Anna Lima? Miranda Kerr? Five Janoskians? Unions?


Indie Fantasy! Digital suns! William Carlos Williams! A neon jungle! 

You! Us!

Nelson Mandela?

An X-factor. 

Taylor Jacob? Taylor Swift? Victoria Jordan? Victoria Hill? Vic Mahone?



“Throwback Thursday” after-school pool party! 

Adam Levine: “Bill Cowher, Kobe—get more naked!” 

Joan G. Didion (of Jacksonville, Robben Island, Behati), Pretoria mariners Gary Kubiak and Matt Schaub, radiant orchid Ariana Grande, and People’s Choice Nelson D. Mandela (“Madiba”) pack the White House Christmas party.

Snow! Remembering! Perfume aisles! Holiday realness! Los Angeles premieres! Los Angeles festivals! Snowed-in clubs! Sun! Toucan anarchy! Naan! Holiday butter! Tim! Edward! Christmas fashion! Snow!

(Paul Ryan’s Chicago secret? Ask R. Kelly).

“Tea, Jacob Zuma? Morgan Freeman? Mandela?” 

Teacup, Zuma!”

Word of the year: the

Day 3: Promoted Florida State playoff quarterback Jameis Winston: “Break out, artist person! Unbox joy! Bow to the Nelson Mandela Memorial!” 

(His two-in-one problem? Fans and celebrations.)

The number one Soweto bar/fashion show: Three angry birds—Britney, Jean, and Tara Bledsoe—marry. 

Watch live video! 

(Afterward, walk home.)

“Sam loves all fast food, mister. And Mandela. And—more tequila!—South Africa.”

Do memories fan?

O Web, mark us!

Rest in peace, Canadian doe!

Rest in peace, Austin back-sleeper!

Rest in peace, hero lit!

{sound of building chat}

“Because of us…{indistinct}…Volcker Rule…” 

“…versus his long three…”

“Fire Candice Swanepoel!”

“…alone in a group…”



Posted 12/11/13
Statement of Concept: "My Internet" is a collage of the first one hundred "tailored trend" hash-tags proposed to the author by Twitter on December 6th, 10th, and 11th of 2013. Three conjunctions (in each case, "and") were added to the text.
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