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Oh People

Wheels up.

The future never happens. It's with a certain amount of glee that I share this. Feel the LOL wash all over you. Eaten by the light. For free! (Yes, I hate myself.)

So long, Boston. I'll be boarding the train in an altered state. Because I want the sky to be clear. How great it was to be surrounded by such generous and talented writers. California, here I come. See you there, maybe? It's beautiful and terrifying and hopeful and burning. I look forward to the next few hours in which you will horrify and delight me. (This makes me miss Brooklyn.) It's just meant to say, I imagine lots of folks are taking leaps today. I feel jealous of everyone who thinks bad things are good. Probably for the better: I wouldn't have wanted you to see me weeping.

Sometimes literary history reads as gossip. As darkness turns to light. (That's a tricky flirting situation.) If you're anywhere near Toronto, come on by! Tonight, tonight! Come let me watch you, let me write about you, and let me show everybody what I'm writing. Please come and bring a violin. That's right! I'm an instigator. ("That student is a liar.") Inoculate yourself. Do as I act, not as I say. Jesus spoke it: you can too. (Check out my technique here: "The soft flesh on the pulse of my wrist, yes, the translucent stretch, kiss me there…" Notice how big "usually" is, and also "necessarily.")

Well, 2014 should be fun! This one's going to be awesome, and it's free.

–"Sounds good! Best typo ever!"

I've been seeing a lot of the CAPS LOCK key. HOW GOOD DOES IT FEEL TO CARE FOR SOMEONE? WHO IS "EVERYONE"? (I couldn't help myself. Deadlines make me feel wanted, needed, loved. Just found this one now, and I'm glad I did! All kinds of amazing.)

–"Love the Arts with yr brain, yr crotch & yr pocketbook." (The Handmaid's Tale, anyone? This is catchy as hell.)

Is poetry us-less? I've thought it over. Tom Tomorrow is boss; I'm a James Merrill man in a James Franco world. (Ha! Check it out! I feel pretty in a sports bar! And your hotel is right across the street! Peekaboo! Scarf weather! Whoa now! I haven't read a single one of these books! Surprise! Lights, camera, poetry! Happy birthday, WCW! Okay, that's over my self-promotion limit!)

–"It's a wrap! Thank you for all of it. Register soon."

This is pretty much what it's like in the Matejka/Brown household today. (Also, here is a camera mounted on an eagle in the French Alps. This is a thing.)

"I never would have expected the welcome we received here," Bruce said. "I am pleased to say that James Franco the poet and filmmaker has written an endorsement for my forthcoming Selected Poems. Just trying to live long enough to make it into syndication. Thanks ahead of time for listening."

–"More than 20% gone!"
–"20/20 is good, right?"

Michael Martin Shea reviews Kent Johnson: "Very exciting! The strangest things are happening: Another act of violence committed because of the subliminal messages in Don Henley's high falsetto on 'One of These Nights.' Tony Dohr, you know about this? What about all this writing? This is an intriguing question."

(Good luck with that, government. For rizzle. I got the hiccups from laughing at this one. My coworker just likened me to Alex from Fatal Attraction. Well deserved.)

–"Another one bites the dust."
–"Today is not that day. This is not where the shots were fired."
–"I'm not talking to you."
–"I like the way you Susan Sontag."
–"Score one for the 'win' column."
–"I am literally John Hurt for you."

I want to slap someone in Redmond across the face. We traded a house for an apartment. Our little homeschool heaven. "It can look down on us, and our deck of noise." What is Cleveland thinking with this one? Is there a Chrome app that can block the hideous phrase "Cronut Hole Concrete"? What are your thoughts on this? I love fitness blogs by real women! (That last one was one of my drinking buddies. I'm looking at you, Jon Cool and Jeff Newberry.)

–"Behold, my celebrity crush reads one of my favorite poems. She'll be ninety in December."
–"I think this is a kind of discourse. 'The spreading field, the human scene.""
–"Gifts for lonely people."
–"Winter is coming."
–"That kind of silence is used up."

To what do you return? Please contact me. If your answer is "nothing," please say why. But if not, then you are the only thing I care about. A thousand years too late, but…
Posted 09/20/13
This poem is comprised of 120 discrete sentences from the status updates of the first 100 Facebook accounts appearing in the author's "Close Friends" news feed. These accounts belong to the following individuals and organizations: Eduardo Corral, Lemon Hound, Johannes Goransson, Sampson Starkweather, John Gallaher, Spencer Short, Metta Sama, David Shapiro, Amy King, Robert Lee Brewer, David Biespiel, Ron Silliman, Matthew Nienow, Ada Limon, Allison Joseph, Julie Larson-Guenette, Camille Dungy, Sandra Simonds, Alan Felsenthal, Adam Fell, Corey Zeller, Kyle McCord, Brandon Amico, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Craig Teicher, Anselm Berrigan, Shane McCrae, Matthew Burnside, Emily Kendel Frey, Gabriel Gudding, Bradley Harrison Smith, Sandra Beasley, Stephen Burt, William Stobb, Don Share, Daisy Fried, Ryan Collins, Joyelle McSweeney, C. Dale Young, Laura Eve Engel, Lina Ramona Vitkauskas, Jazzy Danziger Loyal, Paula Neuhaus, Michael Kasden, Stanley Todd-Hume Swift, Kirsten Hotelling Zona, Sterling Holywhitemountain, Charles Bernstein, Brooklyn Copeland Seall, Matthew Guenette, Larry Sawyer, Josh Fomon, Rusty Morrison, Oliver Bendorf, Janet Holmes, YesYes Books, Ben Mazer, Chloe Zwiacher, Zachary Schomburg, Stacey Lynn Brown, Matthias Svalina, Arielle Bernstein, Ben Fama, Adam Fitzgerald, Alfred Corn, Josh Kalscheur, Charles Jensen, Robert Archambeau, Nate Brown, Tom Kealey, Michael Mlekoday, Jamie Iredell, Timothy Yu, Emileigh Barnes Williams, Tim Earley, Erica Bernheim, Rachel Abramowitz, Mark Doty, Magdelena Zurawski, Trey Gulledge, Nick Sturm, Sean Bishop, Louis Armand, David Blumenshine, Kenzie Allen, Nayelly Barrios, Jesse Lee Kercheval, T.R. Hummer, Cate Marvin, Nick Lantz, Ash Bowen, Rauan Klassnik, Francesco Levato, Autumn Elizabeth, Oliver de la Paz, Lily Duffy, Dawn Lonsinger, Traci Brimhall, Ashley Anna McHugh, and Willow Springs. The poem's title is taken from the first page of Mikhail Bulgakov's The Heart of a Dog (Frank Galati, translator), a book whose text was linked to by one of the Facebook accounts above.
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