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Two roads diverged, mixing Viagra,
and sorry I could not speed (sick A.M.), or travel both
and be www.sycamorereview.com/?view-1817
              one traveler–
long I stood (47 seconds ago), and Aimee Bender,
Benjamin Percy, Donald Ray Pollock, Rita Dove,
Carl Phillips, “Lauren Alwan” (Seth Abramson) [end]

looked down one copyright as far as I could see,
to where it bent 2015
in the undergrowth; then, sick (love?) took the other.

Regarding “VIEW-ALL”: I can’t any longer walk in fire
to amuse others sitting outside the circle
of light and heat; the artist self-destructs off the page
and I’m hungry, weary, but I cannot lay me down.

The rain comes–dreary–but there’s no shelter.

(I’ve found it’ll be a long time until I find my abode.)

Here I am, telling this with a sigh somewhere
ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood,
              and I buy generic Nolvadex–no prescription.

Posted 04/18/15
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