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Stromberg has been contracted. He will remove the small intestine of a particular tween through her left nostril and bury the corpse below a bend of Route 3 in Norfolk. He prepares himself with primping. He’s debating a Van Dyke with Natasha. She says it’s a poor choice if your mustache and goatee do not connect on one side. Stromberg says the defect is congenital and wonders whether a chin curtain would be more appropriate. Natasha observes that Vincent Beeson had a chin curtain and was not much admired for it. Stromberg observes that Beeson also had poor coloring. But larger pectorals, says Natasha. Stromberg responds that he has the definition of a Polack and leaves it at that. Natasha demurs. What about a Franz Josef, Natasha. Your chin is too weak, Stromberg. She observes seven white hairs. Pluck them, says Stromberg. With which tweezers, she asks. You broke the ones in the bottom drawer of the pantry last week. Stromberg is then reminded that there is also no cereal in the pantry. Natasha observes that Stromberg was the last one to eat cereal and so should be the one to replace it. I did not finish the cereal, Natasha, you did. I saw you. You weeded the garden afterward. Now I know you’re wrong, says Natasha, it’s been three weeks since I last weeded the garden. Well, I’m certain of it. You were certain of the Hulihee, too, Stromberg. That was a mistake, Stromberg concedes. I’d seen a Hulihee on Bradley Wright not a week prior and it looked promising. Well, he’s Anglo. Only on one side, though. That reminds me, says Stromberg, did you send flowers. Also, did you buy a new tarp like I asked you. I have to kill that girl and it will be bloody as hell.

Posted 07/27/15
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