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Ten Mr. T Quotes to Remember on Bad Days

Little by little
we human beings 
are confronted.
We aren’t perfect.
To love someone
right here and now
comes from 
discovering the truth
of who you are.
(That person,
exactly the way
he or she is,
is what helps.)
For everything 
you want in this life
is a lifetime’s work.

There is no normal
life. (Life that’s free
of pain
can be the impetus
for our growth!)
Three ways
to ultimate success:
a sense of worth;
when you think;
and hopefully 
your choices. You 
rarely have time, but 
it’s worth the effort.

You make and do
everything in life,
so you need to make
choices. It’s the very 
real issue in life— 
not how many 
blessings we have.

Your choices can come
from a deep sense 
of something else.

“The first way
is to be kind
with our problems;
the second way
is to be kind
with our blessings.”

The world needs
some people—
and it will achieve 
the third way
only by its
people feeling that
there are
situations that give us
the end of something
about ourselves.

Have many blessings?
They’re worthwhile!
Some have few,
and hoard them.
But what we do,
and hopefully,
is to strive to accept it.
Who you are inside 
is, to be kind,
wrestling with 
more and more clues.

You’re at 
the beginning—
give everything away!

Posted 12/27/13
Statement of Concept: The poem above is a phrasal remix (i.e., two- to five-word phrases, rather than the word, are its units of measure) of the Mashable article "10 Mr. Rogers Quotes to Remember on Bad Days."
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